Problem using a mail client

Note: version N means software version, release, etc., where available.

Check our official announcements (see Where to Find Announcements and Discussions) for the last few weeks, to make sure that no major system change has occurred that might be associated with the problem. Then please provide the following information in your problem report.

MENTION that you did not find a solution in any RECENT OFFICIAL ANOUNCEMENT.

COMPUTER SYSTEM: what type of computer system. E.g., PC running Microsoft Windows version N. E.g., Macintosh running MacOS version N. E.g., PC running Linux version N. E.g., handheld PDA model N.

USER: Who you are; your account number or login name; your domain name if any. And in the case of email, if you are sending email, tell us what your own email address (i.e., From: address) is in the email that you are sending.

PROGRAM: What mail software (i.e., mail client) you are using. E.g.: Eudora version N, Outlook version N, Outlook Express version N, Thunderbird version N, Pine version N, etc.

How CONNECTED: Specify DSL, Cable, dial-up, commercial T1, public Wifi in a cafe, etc. If possible, also tell us who the service provider is (e.g.: SBC/Yahoo DSL, Comcast cable, Starbucks Wifi, etc.)

ACTIVITY: Usually either “sending mail” or “reading mail”; sometimes “deleting mail”, “checking to see if I have mail”; etc.

SERVER: Which server you are connecting to. For sending mail, you are connecting to an SMTP server (tell us which one). For reading mail, you are connecting to a POP or IMAP server (tell us which one).

ULTIMATE DESTINATION: If sending mail, the ultimate destination is the addressee to whom you are trying to send mail (i.e., the To: address).

And finally, don't forget to mention what ERROR MESSAGE you see.

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