2009-10-20 Shell Server Symbols Repointed

(Classic Linux only.)

The following announcement appeared in the the local newsgroup a2i.announce:

Subject: Please switch Linux shell usage to new machines
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 06:47:12 +0000 (UTC)

Now that essentially all mail processing is occurring on the newer
CentOS 5 machines, and all the common mail and Usenet News programs are
also available there, please migrate your work at the Linux shell also
to the new machines.

The symbols ssh.rahul.net and shell.rahul.net will soon be repointed to
aqua.rahul.net. Before this happens, as a precaution, please save a copy
of any important dot files or configuration files maintained by the
programs you use. Then you can easily recover from any unexpected
changes when you use the same or similar program on a newer machine.

The above change was made on 2009-10-20. The new default server is aqua.rahul.net. You may still connect via ssh to the old machines 'green.rahul.net' and 'mauve.rahul.net' so long as they are online.

Update 2010-09-04. Please see also: SSH Restrictions.

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